Pulsed dye laser or vascular laser

A laser is a source of high–intensity light that can be used to treat various skin conditions such as moles, scarring or unwanted hair or tattoos.

What is the pulsed dye laser or vascular laser?

With a pulsed dye laser, Dr van Heerden is able to treat conditions that have a red blood colour such as birthmarks and haemangioma. These skin conditions are also known as "port-wine marks& or "strawberry-like" birthmarks, respectively. Vascular laser treatment can also assist fine broken veins on the face and flushing as well as warts and nail changes caused by psoriasis.

How does this laser treatment work?

During pulsed dye laser treatment, a concentrated beam of light is used to target blood vessels in the skin. This laser light is absorbed by the red tissue, which then destroys the diseased or damaged cells without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue.

During the procedure, Dr van Heerden may apply a topical anaesthetic to the skin if he feels it is necessary. Vascular laser treatment may feel slightly uncomfortable, but should not cause considerable pain.

Who should undergo this type of laser treatment?

Vascular laser treatment may be recommended for those who suffer from facial redness and flushing associated with skin conditions such as rosacea. It can also be very effective in treating spider veins all over the body, as well as red, raised scars, birthmarks, and warts.

Pulsed dye laser treatment has very few side-effects. While scarring is very rare, some patients may experience slight bruising after the procedure. Proper moisturisation and sun protection are recommended after the vascular laser treatment to aid recovery.

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