CO2 Fx active and Erbium laser

What is a CO2 Fx active laser and erbium laser?

The CO2 Fx laser and Erbium lasers are different types of laser treatment techniques used for skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing treats skin conditions such as deep acne scars and severe wrinkles. The laser beam works by vaporising the outer layer of skin and allowing new skin to grow in its place.

How does this laser treatment work?

Skin resurfacing with either the CO2 Fx laser or Erbium laser directs very short, concentrated beams of light which burn away skin layer by layer

Before the procedure, an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the areas that will be treated. The process will typically take between 45 minutes to one hour to complete. It is quite common to experience swelling, oozing, and pain after this type of laser treatment, so proper moisturisation and sun protection is important for proper recovery.

There are two main methods of skin resurfacing:

  • The CO2 Fx active laser
    This laser treatment is used to treat various skin conditions such as scarring, wrinkles, warts and enlarged oil glands. CO2 Fx laser treatment works by delivering short light energy, or ultra pulse, in a scanning pattern. The light energy removes very thin layers of skin without damaging the remaining deeper skin tissues allowing rejuvenation to occur.
  • The Erbium laser
    The Erbium laser is effective for the treatment of wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest. This laser treatment technique removes deep lines without damaging surrounding tissue. It is safer on dark-skinned individuals than the CO2 Fx active laser treatment and generally has fewer side-effects.

Who should undergo this type of laser treatment?

This type of laser treatment is very effective for anti-ageing and acne scarring treatments.

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